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At Bright Block Studio our commitment extends beyond the glow of our lights; We are committed to embracing efficient and environmentally friendly practices. Each of our handcrafted pendant lights originates from a salvaged architectural window block, repurposed from churches, schools, offices, and homes—rescued from the brink of the landfill and granted a second life with Bright Block.

We transform these once-discarded
relics into contemporary works of glass and light. Every piece is a unique creation, meticulously hand blown and assembled in our Eugene, Oregon studio by our founders, Jeff Ballard and Joe Tsoulfas. With over 50 years of combined glass expertise, rest assured that you are acquiring the pinnacle of eco-friendly luxury glass lighting

Please don't hesitate to contact us about pricing and availability or to discuss an upcoming project. Thank you.

City Ellipse City Tower City Bell

City Texture

Voluminous Wonder

Similar to the grids that form a city map, the "City" Textured blocks do a fabulous job showing off our various styles of pendant light.

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Glacier Ellipse Glacier Tower Glacier Bell

Glacier Texture

Playfully Elegant

Our Glacier texture blocks provide a linear quality with a subtle textured interior, flowy and elegant these smaller pendants are sure to delight.

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Check out our gallery of images from the studio to the finished products.

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